Sell My Attacker Set

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Sell My Attacker Set

Post  --Mimpi-X-- on Sun May 30, 2010 8:24 am

Sell ID + Item
--Mimpi-X-- 4 gold
Sword Akhan Donate
Arm Attacker PHC
Arm Attacker HC
Amor Akhan 5094 Def 2.7k dodge 41khp 7xx magic resist
Amor Human Con 3.4k def 3.6k dodge 31khp 3.6k hpr
Set Ring Attacker Donate Normal..
Sword Akhan 4.1k hit 4.1k crit Dmg Boom(Repair RM20..Ble runding..)

All in RM Bank In Or F2F..
Msg jer jgn call..ha3..

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